About Us

Our environment principles and corporate sustainability responsibilities lie at the heart of our business and are integral to our company values. As a business we are focussed on providing environmentally conscious, innovative, and creative solutions which are fundamental to our commitment to support a carbon neutral position for ourselves and our clients.

Our technical engineering and design teams are focussed on market leading lithium battery and LED site lighting solutions and incorporate sustainability from the point on concept, through design, manufacture, and product approval.

Our Products

Our Green Applications

Capellastrip™ is 5x brighter than alternative systems delivering 300 watts per 25m strip and emits 1400 Lumens per metre.

Up to 9 Lunarlink™ lights can be floodlit at 2400 lumens per light from a single Vitacell© battery power source for 30 hours.

Capellastrip™ provides well-lit walkways for site access and when used alongside our Vitacell© battery offers fuel free, silent running.

The Lunar360° 3-head flood light provides 45,000 Lumens of light & when powered with a Vitacell© battery will run for up to 67 hours.

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